Ayanah Essence brings an outlet to the world to purchase Hand Made Home Quality Crafts and Art from Americans local to the Western Mountains of North Carolina.

    Ayanah Essence is a company built by an individual independent artist who is inspired to create a platform for people to display their specialized talent in the fields of wood-working, photography, jewelry smith, multi mix-medium art including watercolors, acrylics, as well as fabric textile clothing & accessories, and natural homemade body care products. Most of All the Materials used in making these products are sustainably harvested, recycled and/or refurbished saves, and reusable/reconstructed textiles. Ayanah Essence buys from reliable sources for any ingredients used in our Body Care Line, our beads for jewelry etc; Ayanah Essence pays Fare-Trade prices to small villages, communities, and tribes.


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    Original Designed Art, Mix Media, Jewelery Made in High Quality, Hand Crafted Solid Wood Unique Home Decor, & Individualized Clothing for All Occasions.


    All Goods Featured on our site are currently available for purchase. Inquiring Wholsale Buyers please check out our Wholesale page.


    Enhanced Healing with Therapeutic Essential Oils made with All Natural Ingredients, Healing Body Salves, Exotic Lip-Balms, Relaxing Bath Salts, & Lotions Made for a King & Queen.


    Collection of Exceptional Products

    Woodcrafters, Naturalist, and Visionaries of Holistic Sustainability. Ayanah Essence features works made by people who live in North America.

    Custom Quality, Original Design

    Ecologically Safe Materials & Sustainable Harvested Wild-Crafted Ingredients.

    Supporting Small Organic Farms

    Local Artist & Crafters, Young Youth Community Art Projects, and Educational Workshops & Classes.

    Ayanah Essence

    Brings from the Hands of Artist to the Heart of Your Home.


    Ayanah Essence gives an opportunity for artists and crafters to display their talents for the world to see.

    We support local North Americans by providing jobs to skilled individuals. All Goods Purchased through Ayanah Essence are Hand Crafted by those who put their creativity into the products made. Assuringthat you receive High Quality and Exceptionally Distinctive Merchandise is our commitment.

    Ayanah Essence Supports Small Organic Farms.

    Educating the Community & the World through Arts. Ayanah Essence will Host Local Youth Art Shows and Contest to bring a since of creativity through imagination to those young inspiring artist. Rebuilding our ecology One Step at a Time, by using Local Organic products and wild-harvested materials. And Bridging the two together; Our Ecology through Educational Arts.

    The More Art the Better. We are invested in helping to support Comunity Projects.

    Ayanah Essence Offers to the World a Chance to view and acquire Rare Hand Goods from Artists. By Supporting Small Business Owners and helping to build the United States Economy for the people to sustain through the works of their Hands, Minds, and Hearts. An Ayanah Essence Customer will always be Satisfied and will cherish our Uniquely Designed Creations.

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  • SCHEDULE 2014


    Ayanah Essence participates at Shows, Festivals, Events, and Seasonal Artist Markets.

    Our collective of Artists co-operatively staff a vending booth where all members will have the opportunity to display and sell their handmade creations.


    Past Events

    Earth Day Asheville 2013

    First Friday Artist 2012

    R.A.L.A.K. 2010

    Spring & Summer Events


    Blackhawk Manor Festival

    April 12th - 13th, Frenchlick, IN

    Circle City In Pride Festival

    June 14th, Indianapolis, IN

    New Earth Street Festival

    Will be held the second weekend in September in Atlanta, IN.

    More to be Announced. . .

    Check back soon for more information and updates on festivals where Ayanah Essence products may be found.


    Dear Clients and Customers, Thank You for Visiting

    Ayanah Essence

    We Appreciate Your Business, Please Come Again Soon


    Carrie Napier

    Artist, Owner


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    Ayanah Essence is creating a panel of Artist & Hand-Crafters whose ambitions will be to utilize their skills and talents to offer the world high-quality merchandise made with devoted ingenuity.

    Each individual Artist & Hand-Crafter will independently design and create their goods with keen detail towards their distinctive trade. Ayanah Essence accepts only ethical professionals who consider the impact on the environment over harvesting our world's precious resources. This panel of Artist and Hand-Crafters would like to make a difference for humanity by making use of commodities already available. The People at Ayanah Essence will practice sustainable gathering and employ values of creating inventive products through ideals that inspire us in nature. Such ways as traditional wild-harvesting integrated with bio-regional culture that bridges the communities of the world.

    The People of Ayanah Essence will give great emphasis to the accomplishment of excellence and productivity.

    It is essential to us that you are satisfied with our merchandise. We also want our customers to know that by buying our goods, small communities are supported. By purchasing Art, Clothes, Natural Body Products, wood-crafted, and hand-made merchandise, from Ayanah Essence whole networks of artists and their families are sustained. Furthermore, the People at Ayanah Essence buy supplies which are used in our products from reliable resources that provide villages or tribal societies with a fare-trade income, however exchanging with local farmers and cultivators here in North America is Ayanah Essence first choice.







    Carrie is a Naturalist and Visionary of Holistic Sustainability.



    Beautiful Garments made with Natural Fibers & Recycled Materials.



    Intricate and Delicate Handcrafted Pieces Created With Semi-Precious Gem Stones.


    Body Care

    Ecologically Safe Ingredients that are from sustainable farms or harvested from the wild.


    Ayanah Essence offers an opportunity for artist and crafters to display their talents for the world to see.

    By showing support to Local North Americans and providing jobs to skilled individuals. All Goods Purchased through Ayanah Essence is Hand Crafted by those who put all their dexterity into the product made. Assuring Quality and Exceptionally Distinctive Merchandise.

    Ayanah Essence is a company that has been specifically built to promote talented artists.

    Do you paint, draw, or blow glass? Are you a seamstress or a woodworker? Ayanah Essence wants to support you. We are paving the way for polished artists as well as new uprising talents to exclusively display their creativity for the world to experience.

    The More Art the Better.

    Ayanah Essence Offers to the World a Chance to View and Acquire Rare Hand Made Goods from Artists. By Supporting Small Business Owners and Helping to Build the United States Economy for the People to Sustain through the works of their Hands, Minds, and Hearts. An Ayanah Essence Customer will always be Satisfied and will cherish their Uniquely Designed Acquisitions through our Company.

    Apply to be an artist with Ayanah Essence.

    Please email flower@ayanahessence.com or send me a message on my Contact Us page.

  • ART

    Photos are croppings of the Original Artwork

    Sitting Buddah

    Original Watercolor Painting SOLD.

    Product ID # 10009

    I'annah Fly

    Original Watercolor Painting unavailable.

    Product ID # 10010

    Zen Life

    Original Watercolor Painting SOLD.

    Product ID # 10011




  • ART 2

    Photos are croppings of the Original Artwork

    Dragonfly Tree

    Original Watercolor Painting.

    Product ID # 10012

    Mountain Sky

    Original Watercolor Painting.

    Product ID # 10013

    Blue Wave

    Original Watercolor Painting.

    Product ID # 10014




  • ART 3

    Photos are croppings of the Original Artwork

    Fire Sky

    Original Acrylic Painting.

    Product ID # 10015

    Phoenix Tear

    Original Acrylic Painting.

    Product ID # 10016

    Midnight Dream

    Original Watercolor Painting.

    Product ID # 10017





    Tibetan Goddess

    Tibetan Red Coral, Turquoise, and Hawaiian Jobs Tears

    Product ID # 20009

    Egyptian Empress

    Raw Egyptian Lapis and Pearls

    Product ID # 20010


    Ethiopian Queen

    Ethiopian Cross, Coral, Turquoise, and Tigers Eye

    Product ID # 20011




    Hawaiian Princess

    Turquoise, Coral, and Hawaiian Jobs Tears.

    Product ID # 20012

    One of a Kind Originals

    All Jewelry is Hand-Crafted with High Quality Gems and Beads from around the World.

    Moon Sister

    Fluorite, Carnelian, and Watermelon Chevrons.

    Product ID # 20013



    Wrap Around Skirt

    This skirt is available with a matching top

    Product ID # 30009

    80%-100% Hand Made from Recycled Materials

    All Clothing is a ONE OF A KIND and is NOT provided in all sizes. Custom attires are created to fit your style. Costumes for All Occasions and Holidays. Look forward to Our Burning Man Specials during the month of August.

    Mini Skirt

    This skirt is available with a matching top

    Product ID # 30010




    OMEGA Trinity Lotions

    Lavender in Love, Violet by the Sea, Sandalwood in the Winds, & Frankincense of an Empress

    $12.99/8oz $100 per dozen

    Love-n-Lips Lip Balm

    Coco-Me-Lips, Sweet Orange Lips-to-Kiss, Gin-Ger-Me-Lips, Lunar-E-Lips, & LUV-enHer-Lips

    $4.99 each $30 per dozen

    Surrender to Serenity Salves

    Heal-Me-Skin, Hand-n-Hand, Garden Glove, & Sore & Tender Touch

    $15.99/4oz $130 per dozen





    Ayanah Essence is a company built by an independent individual who is inspired to create a platform for artists to display their specialized talents.

    In the field of Fine Arts including watercolors, acrylics, fabric textile clothing & accessories, and natural homemade Body Care Products. Photography, Jewelry Smith, Multi Mix Media Art, anything beyond the horizon of your imagination is possible with Ayanah Essence. We strive to bring recognition to giftedly skillful artists and hand-crafters that have dedicated their attention towards mastering style and have worked years to create distinctive original designs.

    Ayanah Essence encourages the use of ecologically harvested woods, and reused/refabricated materials. Art inspired by nature, and most importantly the joy and love an artiste puts into originating their creation.

    As well as established artist, Ayanah Essence also provides a space for the young inspired citizens of the Western North Carolina Appalachian Mountain Communities to display their education in fine art & merchantable textiles. Through semiannual Art Contest held and hosted by Ayanah Essence. Young enthused artist will have a chance to submit works for cash & gift prized competitions judged before a Board of selected Achieved Artists. We will be granting awards such as; "Honor of Show" and giving the winners an opportunity to display and sell their goods on the Ayanah Essence On-line Gallery. A generous percentage of the procedes will be donated to local community projects that bring awareness and education through the Arts.

    In addition, Ayanah Essence is devoted to collaborating with local organic farms.

    Numerous amounts of raw products are derived from plants grown in the mountains of Western North Carolina that are purchased by crafters associated with Ayanah Essence. These supplies are obtained by cultivators and wild-harvesters that grow and gather crops which are sustainably grown with Mother Earth in mind. Ayanah Essence builds a link connecting farmers and artist to community and families.




    Ayanah Essence is helping to rebuilding the foundation for American Artists & Hand Crafters to utilize their skills to create quality goods.

    We provide a support system to Artists. Our goal is to help all artists present their professionally designed & independently manufactured products made in small workshops and in-home studios, to the world.

    As a small business located in the Midwestern Region of the United States, building a connection to the rest of the world for local communities through the Arts is what we strive for.

    Ayanah Essence is a collective of Grass Roots Artists & Crafters. We offer the possibility to those living throughout North America a chance to market their goods.

    Ayanah Essence is also devoted to the community by helping to create a platform where families can be brought together through the Arts.

    Monthly scheduled workshops and family art classes are in the process of being planned by Members of a Board associated with Ayanah Essence. We are also proposing to accommodate & facilitate Art Shows and Prized Award Exhibits in the Midwest's major metropolitan areas. Ayanah Essence participates in planing events such as Farmers Market's and Barter Fairs.

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    Carrie Malissa has been practicing her Fine Art skills for over 2 decades. Inspired by the way colors come to life with water, Carrie's passion is in painting with Watercolors.


    Encompassing the mystical and natural worlds with her views and dreams; Carrie wraps her talent in the midst of her visions. Awarded "Excellence in Design" in an art contest through Rogue Community College of Southern Oregon, has motivated her to ambitiously persist as an artist.


    In addition to Carrie Malissa's ability to move and glide her brushes on paper, she too is an amazing text-style and fashion designer. Originating patterns commencing her untamed nature through fashionable attire, Carrie has been infatuated by gracefully pleasing to the eye garments that turns heads. Specializing in remarkably exotic costumes individually made to fit the spirit of the one who wears the apparel.


    Resuming as an independent artist who believes that beauty is seen through the eyes of an individual as well as within every individual, Carrie Malissa wants to give the world a reason to smile. Through the arts and the gift of hand-crafted products, she is able to give more than just a smile. Carrie is an astonishing women who deserves the highest honors of appreciation for all her compositions.




    As a Vendor, Ayanah Essence operates in cooperation with The Inventive-n-Imaginative Collective as booth sales partners.

    As a group we attend several Craft Fairs, Street festivals, and Artist Markets where we make an effort in supporting the members of InIC by promoting the sales of each other's goods and art. We were at these Events back in the spring, summer, fall and winter of 2012.
    Earth Day Asheville
    First Friday's Artist Market

    As a Vending Coordinator, Ayanah Essence is experienced in organizing your events.

    From communicating with vendors to the logistics of site set-up, Ayanah Essence performs all the duties required to coordinate and direct vendors for any size event. If you are an Event Director who needs a Vendor Coordinator and an excellent team of proffesional staff members please e-mail ayanahrise@gmail.com. The following are Events Ayanah Essence partakes as a member of Event Boards.
    R.A.L.A.K. 2010
    First Friday Artist Market 2012, Boone, NC

    Ayanah Essence attends summer music festivals as a part of a work crew, our team offers helps to companies and businesses that need reliable and professional sales representatives.

    This service also includes catering and food sales at festivals and events. If your company has any up-coming Festivals or Events, Ayanah Essence would love to be a part of your work crew. We are willing to travel to assist you in your endeavor. Listed below are some examples of past shows:
    Bonnaroo 2004-2006
    Voo-Doo Fest: New Orleans summer 2005
    Sol Fest: Hopland, CA 2006


    Several Galleries and Boutiques across the country carry Ayanah Essence merchandise on their shelves.


    Amongst these stores are Hemp & Chocolate in Guerneville, CA; Gypsy Rose in San Francisco, CA; Grateful Threads in Broad Ripple, IN; The Sun The Stars & The Moon in Indianapolis, IN; and The Looking Glass in Boone, NC. Look for our jewelry, clothing, hand-crafts and art at these locations while shelves are stocked with inventory. You can also find The Ayanah Essence Gallery at a numerous of events throughout the warm spring and summer months. Where a team of Ayanah Essence's Staff attends music festivals and street fairs within the Southeast and Midwestern states selling an arrangement of Ayanah Essence arts & crafts in a vending booth. To read more about the festivals, events, street fairs, and craft fairs, go to our Events page.


    If you are an interested Artist and would like an opportunity to have your trade-goods as part of The Ayanah Essence Gallery,


    Please fill out an on-line APPLICATION. We would enjoy having your work as an addition to our vending booth. If you are a business owner of an independent gallery or boutique, Ayanah Essence has the perfect products suitable for all occasions. Please visit our Wholesale page to obtain more information on placing bulk orders.





    From Watercolors to Stained Glass, Ayanah Essence represents Art on all levels and all mediums.

    All subject matters such as nature landscapes to mystic design, Ayanah Essence embodies the creativity of the imaginative mind. Through paint, pen, paper, brush, or canvas Ayanah Essence Artists show their talent and passion by relaying their dreams and visions to the world in a material form.

    Original's are available by the piece, not all original art shown here on Ayanah Essence is offered for sale.

    Not all art comes in frames. All Prints 8x10 and up are matted. Custom designed Picture Frames are available to fit by request. Shipping and handling fees may apply. Order our Variety Pack of 12 Printed Gift Cards. Upgrade to a specialized personal hand-written calligraphy, or other styled greeting for your friends and loved ones.

    (Gallery photos of Art are croppings of the Original)

    Ayanah Essence Clothing is all originally designed and hand sown. Each garment is a one of a kind creation, no two are the same.

    We specialize in Women's attire. Custom costumes to order for all and any occasion. Clothes for Men and Children of all ages. Quilts and Kids Nap Blankets. Matching Accessories, Belts, and Hand Bags, Travel Bags. Recycled Shopping Bags and Grocery Bags.

    Ayanah Essence uses up to 70% of recycled materials; we care about the environment and this planet.

    We also use Hemp Material and 100% organic cotton when available.Our top priorities are to create products that are earth-friendly and people friendly.

    Carrie M. Napier has been designing clothing for over 20 years.

    As the owner of Island Roots International Trading Company located in Paia on the island of Maui, Carrie M. Napier sold clothing and beach gear as well as garments for African Drum and Dance performances. Carrie has an incredible natural talent for being up on the latest Trends and Styles. She brings new trends and fashion statements with her creative ways and appreciation of how clothes accentuate the curves of the Human Body.




    Hand Threaded Necklaces, Bracelets, Ear Rings, and Anklets.

    All original & ONE OF A KIND. Antique African Beads, Tibetan Coral, and semi-precious gems. Ayanah Essence never duplicates any jewelry. You may request a custom piece made of your favorite choice beads and gem stones. Choose from a verity of unique selections of patterns and designs.

    Look forward to our upcoming Ayanah Essence on-line exhibit featuring Native American Peyote Stitch Bead Work and Native Ceremonial Collections.

    "The stone which the builder refused will always be the head corner stone" Psalm 118:22

    Enhanced Body & Skin Healing with Therapeutic Essential Oils, Lotions, Lip Balms, and Shaves.

    Hand crafted and created for the Body and Soul. Pure Coco-butter, shea butter, mango butter, bees wax, aloe oil, jojoba oil, and 100% natural & organic essential Oils.

    Ayanah Essence gives an immense consideration to the sensitivity of skin with choosing the best and highest in quality of Mother Nature's gifts.

    Using 100% pure essential oils merged with premium wild-harvested plants and nuts. Ayanah Essence's Body Care Products consist of ingredients which have been extracted and derived with first the Earth then the protection and fortification of our customer's skin and health needs in mind.

    Our Body Care Products connect the channels between Spirit, Mind, Body, and Soul resulting in your body feeling the therapeutic healing.

    Ayanah Essence Body Care Products are created and made by caring hands in according to high and prominent standards. No Animal Testing. No Mass Harvesting. Organic Ingredients are used when Available.





    Ayanah Essence's intention is to outlet our products in stores across the country.

    If you are a business owner and are interested in carrying an Ayanah Essence display in your store please send us an email for our wholesale catalog pricelist. All Wholesales are at a minimum of $1000.00 for first time orders; this will include display cases and clothing racks to be use for Ayanah Essence merchandise.


    All Clothing is sold by the Rack for wholesales buyers.

    This will be of a variety of different styles, patterns, and designs. If you are interested in one specific style, please keep in mind that all Ayanah Essence Clothes are one of a kind original. We will be happy to fulfill your orders with what sells best for your location.


    It is required that all wholesale buyers provide their Tax ID#. Shipping and Handling fees may apply.

    Please email us at wholesale@ayanahessence.com